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Big reveal: $899,000 for a cute Carroll Gardens 2BR with a balcony

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Did you guess correctly?

Brown Harris Stevens.

Yesterday we challenged you to guess the asking price for a two-bedroom condo in Carroll Gardens, spanning 877 square feet. Alas, no one accurately guessed the $899,000 price, however, there were a few close guesses. NYCsince1983 was just $24,000 off the mark with a guess of $875,000 while Trilby16 overvalued the price of the apartment with a guess of $925,000.

Surprisingly, a good amount of guesses where significantly higher than the actual price and there weren’t any complaints about the space. “I like my true 2-BR with balcony better but I don’t see anything really heinous about this apartment,” said Trilby16. The condo simply offers an uncomplicated layout, decent outdoor space, and excellent views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skyline.

So now that you know the price, do you think it’s worth it? Here’s another look: