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Big reveal: $699K for a Gramercy one-bedroom with a quirky layout

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Core.

Yesterday we asked you to guess the price of this week’s Pricespotter apartment, an oddly-shaped one bedroom triplex within a prewar building near Gramercy Park. Commenter Opal Blue came really close to guessing the correct ask but ultimately was over by $1,000. The quirky co-op wants $699,000.

For the most part, majority of the guesses weren’t far off and naturally, folks took issue with the quirky layout. Stache called it “a mess” while many others agreed that the lower level would function better as a storage space than its intended use as a foyer. Opal Blue entertained the idea of an alternative design stating, “I wonder if it would be worth converting the living room into a formal bedroom, and the loft into the living room.”

So now that you know the price, do you think it’s worth it? Does the peculiar layout have potential to be improved? Let us know your thoughts. Here’s one more look at the floorplan: