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‘Gardener’s eden’ Chelsea duplex has outdoor shower, three terraces

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Three terraces? Yep, you read that right

Photos via Corcoran

If you’re someone who cares more about having a lush garden than, y’know, actual space in your New York City pad, this Chelsea apartment may be for you. It’s a one-bedroom duplex, and while there’s no square footage listed, it appears that the amount of outdoor space far outweighs the indoor space.

The lower level of the duplex is where you’ll find a kitchen, living room, and one bathroom (none of which, alas, are pictured in the listings photos). The upper level, meanwhile, has the bedroom, and what appears to be a shower stall just off the entrance to one of three (!) outdoor spaces.

So yeah, about those: the brokerbabble touts the space as a “Gardener's Eden,” and yes, there are three different areas for green thumbs to flex their muscle. There’s a greenhouse, which the listing says comes with “removable walls for the warm months, a fish pond, an outdoor shower, unobstructed southern views, and established shrubbery and trees.” There’s also a 400-square-foot roof deck, and another, smaller terrace.

Curious? There’s an open house this Sunday at 2 p.m. if you want to check it out for yourself.