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Staten Island real estate prices: How expensive are the borough’s neighborhoods?

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The cheapest and priciest places to live on the island, based on price per square foot


As we head into the throes of Curbed’s Staten Island Week, we asked real estate research firm NeighborhoodX to train its focus on Staten Island to see how various neighborhoods on the island stack up—and the numbers show that when it comes to real estate prices, Staten Island is hardly one-size-fits-all.

Rather than looking at median asking price—which NeighborhoodX felt would be skewed, given the myriad property types throughout the borough—the firm analyzed the asking price per square foot, and the asking price range, for 31 Staten Island neighborhoods for the month of April. (Excluded from the analyzation were foreclosures and short sales, affordable and age-restricted housing, properties positioned as development sites, and outlier properties with incomplete or contradictory information.)

Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX, reports that asking prices range from a low of $142 per square foot all the way up to $909 per square foot. The cheapest property, at $142/square foot, is located in Randall Manor. The priciest property is located in Rosebank, the firm found.

To put this in context, the highest price per square foot on the island is still significantly less than in Manhattan, where the median is $1,360, or Brooklyn, which hovers right around $1,000, according to Corcoran’s Q12017 reports. (Insert crying face emoji here.)

The price ranges differ considerably depending on the product in each neighborhood, Valhouli says. “Certain neighborhoods with single-family houses may not appear as expensive when using price-per-square-foot, but given the large size of these houses, the median asking price would make it much more expensive,” he notes.

Furthermore, neighborhoods with more condo development can skew prices higher, since those properties tend to cost more anyway compared to homes.

Rosebank has the broadest asking price range based on square footage, from $247 to $909, and the highest average listing price, at $453 per square foot. That’s followed by Rossville, with prices per square foot ranging from $194 to $643. In Arrochar, square foot pricing starts at $234 and goes up to $595.

Other neighborhoods offer much narrower price ranges. In the small North Shore neighborhood of New Brighton, the asking price range only spans from $196 to $262. Average listing price there is $227 per square foot. Prices in Port Richmond range from $217 to $313, with an average listing price of $251 per square foot.

In St. George, a neighborhood hyped for its new development and proximity to Lower Manhattan, asking price per square foot ranges from $185 to $580. The average listing price is $368 per square foot.

Here’s the data in handy graphic form, too: