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Harlem's legendary Lenox Lounge is being demolished

The site is rumored to give way to a massive Sephora

Flickr/Ciro Miguel

If there was any remaining hope that Harlem’s iconic Lenox Lounge would make a miraculous return, that is now dead. According to Harlem Bespoke, the building of the former historic jazz club at 288 Lenox Avenue, between 124th and 125th streets, is officially slated for demolition.

Founded in 1939, the legendary lounge, where artists like Billie Holliday and Miles Davis once performed, was forced to shutter in 2012 due to… what else: rising rents. While owner Alvin Reed attempted to open a new jazz club two blocks away from Lenox Lounge, Nobu co-founder Richie Notar sought to open a venue of his own with the original venue. After years of legal battles, Notar eventually ditched the initiative and moved on to another location. Meanwhile, financial woes prevented Reed from ever getting his new club up and running.

So that’s the end of Lenox Lounge as it was once known and loved. Rumor has it that the site will become a commercial development that will house a massive Sephora.