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MTA proposes Williamsburg Bridge HOV lane during L train shutdown

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The MTA and DOT pitched the plan to lawmakers during a recent meeting


Just about every alternative imaginable has been pitched in efforts to accommodate commuters during the impending L train shutdown and just when you think you’ve heard it all, there is more. According to the NY Daily News, the MTA and the Department of Transportation have presented a proposal to lawmakers to create an HOV lane on the Williamsburg Bridge to help move people along during the shutdown.

According to the plan, the HOV lane would be placed on the bridge’s inner roadway and drivers carrying two or more passengers will be able to use it.

“It will require a lot of follow through on their part to get it done," said Assemblyman Joe Lentol. “The important part of the plan is that they're really working hard to get commuters to work and home again.”

The agencies also proposed a new ferry route that would run from North Williamsburg to 20th Street, running eight boats an hour. The boats would be able to carry 1,200 people which is the same as an L train.

The shutdown was originally expected to last 18 months but will aim to complete the repairs within a 15-month timeframe beginning April 2019.