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Infamous Tribeca maisonette of bit 'Wolf of Wall Street' player returns for $20M

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The property was formerly on the market for $44 million

Douglas Elliman

“Poor Alan Wilzig” is not a sentence one would have associated with the finance entrepreneur, portrayed as a partying bit part in The Wolf of Wall Street, back in 2014, when he self-listed his incredibly tacky Tribeca maisonette for $43.5 million. In fact, it was glorious to revel in the shamelessness of the listing, with its many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of artfully arranged cars and motorcycles; its profusion of neon lighting; and its close-up shot of a tanning bed (and not to mention Wilzig himself.)

But this is 2017, nearly three years later, and the maisonette at 7 Hubert Street is still looking for a buyer, having been completely emasculated of its over-the-top design along the way. The property reappeared on the market over the weekend, looking as innocuous as any slightly aged downtown townhouse, and with an asking price more on par with one, too: $19.75 million, a whole $23.75 million less than it was once seeking.

The 6,500-square-foot maisonette was last listed in April of 2016 for $25 million, still sporting a dash of neon lighting and hubris by way of a Kermit green Lamborghini Huracan in its garage. For this relisting, with Jane Powers at Douglas Elliman, the property has been restaged once again, down to the car—now a plain old Range Rover Sport—and is the design equivalent of beige. Poor Alan Wilzig.

Take a look at the current listing pictures below, and at the spicy, medium, and mild versions of its staging along the way at their respective links.

7 Hubert Street

7 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013