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Memorial Day weekend: Here are the worst times to leave New York

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Get ready to get out of town—early

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Planning a trip out of town for Memorial Day weekend? So are approximately 35 million other people across the country, and it’s a sure bet that a lot of New Yorkers are going to be among them. Getting out of New York City can be a soul-crushing experience under the best of circumstances, but according to traffic analyst INRIX, you can expect it to be a lot worse over the long weekend.

According to INRIX’s annual report, travel times to some of the more popular day trip destinations—the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, or points north like Boston or Connecticut—are likely to double on Friday, with the worst times to head out being in mid-afternoon. “Other routes analyzed around NYC show people should expect travel times to double Friday evening,” according to the report—so basically, if you’re traveling out of New York this weekend, you’re somewhat screwed.

So how to mitigate it? Head out early. If you’re reading this, it may already be too late, but getting out before the afternoon should help.

And no, it’s not going to be any easier for those traveling by bus, train, or plane. The Port Authority estimates that nearly two million people will be flying from the tri-state area’s airports, while more than three million will be crossing the city’s bridges and tunnels. (And expect security to be heavier than normal in the wake of the tragic attack in Manchester earlier this week.)

So aside from, well, staying home, how can you make your out-of-town travel as easy as possible this weekend? Consider leaving at an odd time, or get a playlist ready and just lean into the traffic.