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Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade has been saved

The parade will happen thanks to two large financial boosts

Sea Creature Themed Annual Mermaid Parade Takes Place In New York's Coney Island Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, the fate of this year’s popular Mermaid Parade in Coney Island looked grim. Coney Island USA director James Fitzsimmons had revealed that the nonprofit arts organization, who plans and operates the annual event, had been struggling to stay afloat financially, forcing them to launch a fundraising campaign to raise enough funds for this year’s parade.

The “Feed the Mermaids” campaign hasn’t exactly been making headway and as of publication, only $9,236 of the $50,000 goal had been raised. Luckily, two private contributions have provided a much-needed boost and the parade, scheduled for June 17, will likely happen.

According to Bedford + Bowery, the parade received a $20,000 boost from real estate investor Meyer Orbach of the Orbach Group while the Coney Island Brewing Company donated $5,000 of its own. The organization is still collecting donations through its online efforts as well.

“We’re confident the parade is gonna be fine,” said Dick Zigun, the founder of Coney Island USA.

Blondie icons Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are set to serve as the Mermaid Parade royalty.