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Manhattan will get a new area code this summer

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Elaine Benes would be very upset

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Manhattan is getting a brand new area code, Verizon announced yesterday. As of June 10th, 332 will join the existing Manhattan area codes 212, 917, and 646. (A new era dawns!) The change, DNAInfo explains, means that “new numbers will be assigned the new area code,” since the classics are close to full.

Ever since the New York Public Service Commission announced the change in 2015, New Yorkers have been haunted by the fear of getting stuck with the new digits, CNNTech reports, noting that “for many, an area code is like an identity … it’s like your mobile DNA.” The new genetic material will add as many as eight million numbers to the available pool.

DNAInfo reassures anxious Manhattanites that the new area code will function much like all other area codes: “it won’t affect the price of calls, and won’t require any special actions—although you will have to dial the area code for calls to be placed.”