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Big reveal: $530,000 for a waterfront Staten Island condo with skyline views

Did you guess correctly?

Neuhaus Realty.

Alas, no one was able to guess the correct price of this week’s Pricespotter apartment. To celebrate Staten Island week, we chose this simple yet spacious condo at 55 Bay Street in Saint George with skyline vies, asking $529,998. We’ll admit that combining Staten Island real estate with a tricky asking amount made it virtually impossible for anyone to get it right, but we appreciate y’all for trying. The closest guess of $575,000 by piccolittle was off by slightly over $45,000.

Many people admitted to being unfamiliar real estate, which is completely understandable. Curbed broke down the cost of living in the borough’s various neighborhoods and sought to explain how the real estate boom here is different than in other boroughs, so yeah it’s a lot to learn in this realm.

As for the apartment itself, people didn’t entirely hate it but weren’t blown away either. “I feel this could potentially be a fantastic investment opportunity once the ferris wheel, new outdoor shopping mall, and beer garden open,” stated Views4Days.

So knowing the price, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.