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Tribeca megamansion ‘our suburb’ returns seeking $38M

It first hit the market in 2014 for $48 million

It has been a mere three months since the gloriously over-the-top Tribeca megamansion at 2 North Moore Street, dubbed “our suburb”, found a renter, but it appears that lease has already come to an end. (After all, how sustainable is a $97,500/month rental?)

The two-building North Moore Street home appeared on the market again this afternoon asking $38 million with Adam Modlin of The Modlin Group. The asking price hasn’t changed since it was last on the market in December 2016, but is a bit less than the $48 million owner Mark Zittman sought for the compound when it was first listed in 2014.

The two-building house was assembled back in 2005 and hit the market before the owners, who gave it its darling name, even lived there. The site was purchased by Zittman back in July 2010 for $24 million.

So what do these many millions buy? An internet-famous Tribeca house, for starters. On top of that it includes a 47-foot-long indoor swimming pool, 1,500 square feet of private outdoor space, an art studio, a gym, three fireplaces (one of which is outside), a high-speed Kone traction elevator, and a three car garage The list goes on. Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourself.

2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013