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Time Warner Center duplex finally enters contract after $34M discount

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Nest Seekers International

Well, it finally happened—someone bought the trapezoidal 54th-floor duplex at Midtown’s Time Warner Center. According to the latest Olshan Realty Report, the nearly 3,600-square-foot apartment is in contract at its most recent asking price of $16 million.

That price tag is, you’ll recall, a steep—very steep—discount from when the home first hit the market. Nearly four years ago, it dropped with a $50 million price tag, which was subsequently reduced: first to $42.5 million, then to $35 million, then to $20 million, and finally to its low, low price of just $16 million.

Its owner is “self-made millionaire” Cheryl Mercuris, and Ryan Serhant of Nest Seekers International (and Bravo-lebrity fame) was the broker who finally got the job done. (Is this all an elaborate ruse for the latest season of Million Dollar Listing New York? We’ll see in a few weeks, presumably.)

As commenters have pointed out, this apartment is not without its quirks, namely its floorplan (weirdly shaped, odd columns everywhere, no powder room); but it does have Central Park views, so that’s something. And now, after making its way into the Pricechopper Hall of Fame, we bid it farewell—until the closing details come through, anyway.

Here’s that floorplan one more time:

Time Warner Center

10 Columbus Circle, Manhattan, NY 10019 Visit Website