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What happens when a guy tries to race the NYC subway?

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A previous Subway Challenge participant raced the 2 train

Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve lived in New York long enough and ridden enough subway lines, you’ve likely identified the ones witht stops that seem downright unnecessary, given the distance between them. See: the 18th Street stop on the 1; Wall Street on the 4, which is just four blocks in either direction from the next-closest stop; and Park Place on the 2/3, which is—again—mere blocks from the larger and busier Chambers Street station.

It’s that last one that comes into play here. Lawyer and noted transit stunt-doer Matthew Ahn, who has completed the “Subway Challenge” a few times, decided to see what would be faster: taking the subway from Chambers Street to Park Place, or running the 0.3 miles in between the two stations. (h/t Gothamist) A friend was on the train to document the former, while Ahn strapped a camera to himself and raced to determine the latter.

We won’t spoil what happens for you, though anyone who’s ridden the subway, oh, ever, can probably guess the outcome. As for Ahn, he posted on Facebook that he’s “done with subway things for a while” (though we’ll believe that when we see it—or rather, don’t see it).