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New York leads America's major cities in diversity and income disparity

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No surprises here

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It should come as no surprise that among 500 of the country’s largest cities, New York City leads in diversity. According to Business Insider, there are more than 800 languages spoken in Queens alone, making it the most linguistically diverse area in the world. But according to a study from Wallet Hub, the city lags in one particular area that is also likely a no-brainer to New Yorkers and that is income diversity (h/t Brick Underground).

Despite ranking first place in overall diversity, New York City ranked 68th when it comes to socioeconomic diversity. The city scored poorly for household-income diversity, with huge gaps between families making under $35,000 to $150,000 or more. Jersey City was only slightly better, ranking second in overall diversity and 43rd in socioeconomic diversity.

Income disparity isn’t breaking news for city residents. There are more billionaires living here than any other city in the world, meanwhile in places like the Bronx and elsewhere, residents are at a high risk of being displaced due to the shortage of affordable housing for low-income families.

Source: WalletHub

Who knows what it’ll take to less the city’s income disparity, however, the city is working toward creating more affordable housing in an effort to counter the deficit. Mayor Bill de Blasio is aiming to build and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing over 10 years with his Housing New York Plan.