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Central Park Tower is now one step closer to launching sales

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The $4 billion condo reached a crucial milestone

It’s all happening for Central Park Tower—well, sort of. The city’s soon-to-be tallest residential skyscraper is one step closer to finally launching sales, a milestone that it’s been working towards for nigh on several years now. According to the Real Deal, Extell has received approval for the condo’s offering plan from the Attorney General’s office—one of the last necessary steps before a developer can bring a condo to market.

And once the building’s 179 super-duper-pricey condos come to market, they should help it achieve another milestone (beyond being really really tall): Extell is anticipating a more than $4 billion sell out in the building, which would make it the most expensive building ever sold in the city. Per the Real Deal, this means that condos would cost—on average—around $22 million.

Construction on the 1,550-foot supertall, meanwhile, is moving right along: Though it’s still got a ways to go before it reaches its ultimate height, the building has progressed to the point where its wavy facade is being installed. The firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is responsible for the design, though James Carpenter Design Associates will craft the look of the Nordstrom flagship that’s at the building’s base (and, for a time, gave it its name).

Assuming all goes according to plan, the building should be ready for move-ins by 2020. Nordstrom will move in before that, though: the men’s store (which sits adjacent to the supertall) will open in 2018, with the women’s store set to debut the following year.

217 W 57th St

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