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East Village buildings near Webster Hall demolished to make way for new Moxy Hotel

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The site will give way to a millennial-focused hotel, due to open in 2018

Photo via EV Grieve

While preservationists did their best to stop it, the deed is done: a row of five tenement buildings East 11th Street between Third and Fourth avenues, across the street from Webster Hall, is no more.

EV Grieve captured plywood signage along the site promising demolition would wrap by “Summer 2017,” and per their photos, it seems that things are chugging along right on schedule. The buildings have been razed, making way for work to start on Marriott’s 13-story Moxy Hotel, just as soon as the rubble is cleared away.

Critics of the project, including state senator Brad Hoylman, who represents New York’s 27th district, argued that the project would “demolish neighborhood character,” but despite attempts to enlist the Landmarks Preservation Commission to save the buildings, the battle was ultimately lost. The millennial-focused Moxy is slated to open sometime next year.

As we noted back in February, based on very, very, preliminary renderings of the spot, the expected building doesn’t look all that likely to assuage neighborhood character concerns: initial renderings show a structure that is … less than thrilling, if not necessarily objectionable.

Via Flintlock Construction