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Red Hook's 160 Imlay Street is slowly shedding its warehouse past

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The former New York Dry Dock Co. is on its way to becoming pricey apartments

Photos by Zoe Rosenberg

Though the conversion of 160 Imlay Street in Red Hook from decrepit old warehouse to pricey condos has been in the works for some time, residents have yet to move in. Developer Est4te Four purchased the old New York Dock Co. building, which dates back to 1910, several years ago, but for various and sundry reasons—stalled construction, DOB violations, the usual—things have been moving at a somewhat slow pace.

But a recent stroll by the site shows that indeed, progress is being made, with windows in place and some of the scaffolding finally coming down, revealing the building’s no-longer-decrepit exterior. (Well, for the most part—it’s not quite matching its renderings just yet.)

The building’s expensive-for-Red-Hook condos, which range from $863,000 to more than $5.3 million, hit the market in 2014, and as of now every unit listed on StreetEasy is in contract. Per an earlier report, the rest of the condos are due to hit the market sometime this year, with the first residents expected to move in this fall.

The 70-unit condo conversion is, thus far, Est4te Four’s only project in Red Hook to really get off the ground; the Italian firm recently scrapped its ambitious plan for a 1.2 million mixed-use complex due to lack of investment, while 202 Coffey Street, which the firm purchased in 2015, remains an old warehouse—for now.

160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231