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Glorified West Village closet seeks half a million dollars

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They call it a “studio”

When buying on a budget, the West Village isn’t known particularly well for its spacious dwellings. It is, however, notorious for its laughably small—or should we say cozy?—co-ops brimming with charm and enticing with the privilege of living in the coveted neighborhood.

A new Jane Street co-op that just the hit the market is no exception to this rule, boasting all the room one would need to fit a futon and a small table for the low, low price of $480,000.

The glorified closet, however, is on lovely Jane Street—at no. 41, between Eighth Avenue and Hudson Street, to be exact—which for some may be enough of a sell. The prized block is leafy in the way some of the neighborhood’s best are. Not to mention, the apartment comes with a key to the private Jane Street garden. To put it in brokerbabble terms, with this co-op it’s location, location, location.

West Village

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