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Big reveal: $655K for stylish, spacious Midtown one-bedroom

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Did you guess the right asking price?

Guesses for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, a stylish one-bedroom co-op in Midtown East, were all over the place, but many were in the right ballpark of the pad’s asking price. That figure: $655,000, with Svetlana_NYC getting the first close-to-correct guess of $650,000.

The apartment itself is located at 342 East 53rd Street, close to Sutton Place, and sits on the top floor of the building. While most commenters found little to take issue with here, there was some debate over the fridge doors—but hey, it’s something you can probably change. The low price (plus the high maintenance) seemed to have thrown off some guessers, but that’s the fun of the Pricespotter game!

Let’s look at that floorplan one more time: