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Annabelle Selldorf's ritzy East Village condo fully unveils its zinc facade

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The Bowery condo features just five apartments across 13 stories

Via EV Grieve

In February this year, we got the first peek at the unique zinc facade of Annabelle Selldorf’s 13-story building on Bowery, and now EV Grieve has brought us images of the nearly-finished structure, completely devoid of all scaffolding.

This Salvation Army-replacing condo comes with just five apartments spread out over its 13 stories. Three units have been released on the market so far, and two have already gone into contract. One of them is a two-bedroom, three-bathroom unit spanning 2,443 square on the third and fourth floor of the building. That unit was asking $6.5 million when it went into contract.

The penthouse meanwhile, which was asking $17 million, went into contract just five days after it came on the market. If it does sell anywhere near its asking price, it will handily surpass the neighborhood record of $5.5 million set by a condo at the Morris Adjmi-designed 250 Bowery.

It’s been a little over a year since sales launched, and the Urban Muse-developed condo is set to wrap construction sometime later this year.