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MTA data reveals the most delayed subway lines

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Spoiler: it’s worse than bad

People waiting for train on NYC subway platform Flickr/Patrick Copley

More bad news for the MTA: recent agency data shows that from January to March 2017, 75 percent of subway lines were chronically late, with five lines being tardy more than half of the time.

According to the New York Post, the worst trains at being on time were the 2 line, the 4 line, and the 5 line. The top three offenders only ran on schedule 30.6 percent, 32.7, and 32.8 percent of the time during weekdays. The 6 and the F train were slightly better but still fell under the 50 percent mark, averaging 47.4 punctuality and 48.6 percent, respectively.

The L train performed the best during the analyzed time frame and it could have something to do with it being the only line that has updated its signal technology. The L was punctual over 92 percent of the time.

Overall, the MTA’s subway system is performing below its on-time target rate of 75 percent, with an average punctuality rate of just over 63 percent.

With the subway’s epic meltdown showing no signs of getting better, Mayor de Blasio has declared plans to get more involved in finding solutions for the ailing system. Just how he plans to do that remains to be seen but he is taking the train more these days so that’s something.