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What's the weirdest thing you've seen on the NYC subway?

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From exotic pets to BS dog bags, what’s something that’s made you raise an eyebrow?

NYC Transit Strike On Hold Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

“Courtesy counts” is one of the official slogans of the MTA, but straphangers may be finding that harder to abide by as the feeling that the agency itself is bucking the byword mounts. Inconsistent service and massive delays have been plaguing the system for years, but have seemed to come to a head in recent weeks: On Tuesday, a Hunter College student missed his graduation owing to a three-hour delay on the E. Fellow passengers stepped up to shower him in an unofficial ceremony, but this story is an exceptional one.

She’s not technically not following the rules.

More often the delays cause irritation and panicked sighing—this writer would know—and deep disruptions to the rhythm of daily life. In a New York Times article published this morning, the delays are equated to an increase in unsanctioned subway behavior, like playing loud music and riding with exotic pets (and, although it’s not technically not allowed, fingernail clipping on the train definitely belongs on this list.) The article asks, “Why respect rules when the subway fails repeatedly to respect their desire to get places in a reasonable amount of time?”

So at that, dear readers, we want to know the biggest shenanigans bucking subway etiquette you’ve witnessed. Was it a guy man-spreading so wide that he was actually doing a straddle across the seats, or was it a woman who technically had her dog in a bag per MTA rules, even if it meant that bag was from Ikea and had four holes so her pooch could walk around? (Photo embedded for context.) You know you have a good story—leave the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed in the comments below. (And no, Showtime does not count.)

UPDATE: The Twitterverse responds: