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CetraRuddy's Roseland Ballroom-replacing rental is reaching its pinnacle

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The 62-story building will bring 426 apartments to Midtown

Via NyConstructionPhoto

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Roseland Ballroom-replacing rental building in Midtown, and now, new construction site photos by NyConstructionPhoto reveal that the CetraRuddy-designed building has made significant progress.

In November last year, the building was 12-stories above ground, and now the Algin Management-developed project seems to have nearly made its way to its pinnacle height (we’ve reached out to the developer to confirm if the structure has topped out), and is also being fitted with its sculptural glass facade.

Eventually the building will stand 62-stories tall and come with 426 apartments, which will measure just over 1,000 square feet on average. Apartments here will come in studios through four-bedroom variants, and amenities announced for the building so far include a fitness center, a lounge, a basketball court, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a landscaped sun deck. In addition, there are also plans for an over 16,000-square-foot retail base at this development.

Plans for this project, located at 242 West 53rd Street, were announced in November 2013, and the Ballroom was demolished the following year. Construction on the CetraRuddy rental building is set to wrap sometime next year.