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Neo-Gothic Upper West Side townhouse with ‘delightful’ garden wants $8.3M

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The 19th-century abode boasts 1,200 square feet of outdoor space

Photos via Leslie J. Garfield

The brokerbabble for this neo-Gothic wonderland promises that the four-bedroom, five-story abode “feels like home,” and indeed, the place is approachably cozy, in an elegant, multi-million dollar sort of way.

Designed by architect Charles H. Israels to “embod[y] the warmth and tranquility” of the neighborhood, the 1894 townhouse boasts the usual slate of townhouse-y features, including a full chef’s kitchen; assorted living spaces (living room, dining room, den); four bedrooms across two levels; plus an office and a “media room.”

The listing itself is otherwise scant on details, but it does note that, in addition to the finished English basement (with separate entrance), the place includes 1,200 square feet of private outdoor space. In addition to the quaintly charming backyard garden, there’s a “light and airy” roof deck, as well as terraces off of two of bedrooms.

Monthly charges for the $8.3 million digs clock in at a warm and tranquil $1,751/month. Leslie J. Garfield has the listing.