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SL Green may be planning a new Financial District office tower

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The developer has already filed permits to demolish three buildings near the World Trade Center

SL Green owns the small building that was once home to a Payless shoe store, pictured here.
Screen shot via Google Maps

SL Green may have ambitions to build a new office tower near the WTC, but according to the New York Post, there’s just one complicating detail: they don’t have a parcel big enough to do it. Yet.

Last year, the firm bought the “small” 183 Broadway for $28.5 million, to go with the adjacent 187 Broadway, which the firm picked up a year earlier—along with the 70,000-square-foot 5-7 Dey Street—for combined $63.7 million. But those three spaces aren’t quite enough to contain the Sl Green’s ambitions, and the Post suggests they have their eye set on a fourth property: 189 Broadway, on the southwest corner of Dey Street, which is currently owned by the MTA.

Conveniently, though, the MTA recently issued an RFP to buy the “surplus development rights and related easement interests” over that subway entrance.” According to the call, the MTA only uses 6,565 square feet of the space, which leaves 62,750 square feet up for grabs. And while proposals aren’t due until July 12th, it wouldn’t be the first time the MTA would be working with SL Green; they’re the developer behind One Vanderbilt, another big tower that incorporates a subway stop. (Both SL Green and the MTA declined to comment to the Post.)

According to the Post, SL Green also made a play for the spaces at 179 and 181 Broadway, but the longtime owners have so far declined to sell. Still, the developer is wasting no time: this month, they obtained permits to put up scaffolding to begin demolishing the three buildings they do own.