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South Ferry subway station readies for its reopening after Sandy

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The South Ferry station had just wrapped a major renovation before it was destroyed by Sandy

Via Benjamin Kabak

Nearly five years after it shut down following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the South Ferry station is ready to reopen, the New York Daily News reports. In 2012, the storm filled the station with 14.5 million gallons of water (80 feet deep in some areas).

Sandy devastated the station just three years after a $545 million renovation. This “new” South Ferry station sits below the old one, but as soon as the storm hit, the MTA was forced to divert the 1 train back to the old station. As many commuters are fully aware, the old South Ferry Station requires that passengers be seated in the first five train cars to disembark, and the new station was meant to alleviate that problem.

Now the new station is almost ready for service, and the Daily News estimates that the first 1 train could pull into this new station as early as Tuesday. MTA officials have previously said that it won’t open before the end of the month, which really is only a difference of a few days.

The MTA spent $344 million on repairs to ensure the new station was up and running again.