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Long Island City outpaces the rest of the U.S. in new apartment construction

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The study looked at new construction between 2010-2016

A new study conducted by RENTCafé has revealed that since 2010, Long Island City has seen the most new apartments built among neighborhoods across the country, 6sqft first reported. LIC has seen construction on 12,533 apartments spread out over 41 new developments, which far outpaces Downtown’s Los Angeles’ 7,551 apartments, which came in second on the list.

RENTCafé also captured the massive amount of development that has transformed Long Island City over the last decade and more in several before and after shots that were published last August. This new construction in the neighborhood, which only looks at 2010-2016, constitutes a sizable 36 percent of the total apartments in the neighborhood.

Unsurprisingly many NYC neighborhoods featured in the top 10 list, namely: Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, the Upper West Side, and Hell’s Kitchen.

The last of those neighborhoods came in second place when you just consider neighborhoods in NYC. Between 2010-2016, 6,058 new apartments were built in the neighborhood, and they’re spread between 15 new buildings. Massive projects like 525 West 52nd Street certainly played a big role in that number.

Williamsburg followed Hell’s Kitchen with 5,269 new apartments, Downtown Brooklyn had 3,851 units, and in last place in the top 10 was the Upper West Side with 3,536 new units.