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NYPL’s Mid-Manhattan library will begin its two-year renovation in August

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The library will close its doors on August 1, and move services to nearby branches

Mecanoo with Beyer Blinder Belle

After years of planning, one much-disputed design, and plenty of speculation, the New York Public Library will finally kick off the revamp of its Mid-Manhattan branch this summer. The NYPL announced today that the branch, located across from its majestic Fifth Avenue flagship, will close August 1 to facilitate a two-year renovation, led by Dutch firm Mecanoo.

During the closure, services offered at the Mid-Manhattan branch will be available at several nearby locations. On August 29, an interim space will open on the ground floor of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building across the street. It will be labeled “Mid-Manhattan Library at 42nd Street,” and contain the Mid-Manhattan branch’s circulating collections, and provide computers and quiet study areas for patrons.

Starting August 7, several nearby NYPL branches will offer extended hours, and each of these branches will incorporate some of the services offered at the Mid-Manhattan branch into their regular setup. These branches include the Grand Central Library, the Science, Industry and Business Library on Madison Avenue, the 53rd Street Library, and the Children’s Center at the main Fifth Avenue branch.

For a full list of services and changed hours head on over to NYPL’s website for all the details.

When the revamp of the Mid-Manhattan branch wraps in 2020, library goers will see several new changes including a multi-story wall of bookshelves, a floor dedicated to separate libraries for teens and children, and Midtown’s only free public roof terrace.