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Glass-enclosed Midtown penthouse with dazzling Central Park views wants $37.5M

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The corner apartment at One Beacon Court has walls of floor-to-ceiling windows

Photos via Corcoran

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any peeps from One Beacon Court, the millionaire-approved Midtown building that was once home to Tina Knowles and Johnny Damon (among others), but one of its pricey pads just appeared on the market. It’s no $67.5 million, Charles Gwathmey-designed penthouse, but it’s not too shabby. (Especially considering how hard it’s been for Steve Cohen to sell that aforementioned penthouse.)

This apartment, asking a mere $37.5 million, is a 4,500-square-foot three-bedroom that’s located on the 53rd floor—so unsurprisingly, the brokerbabble plays up the fact that it has “one of the more impressive views ever to hit the market.” And sure, they are pretty great: the apartment is located on a corner and has floor-to-ceiling windows, the better to maximize the vistas of Central Park, the George Washington Bridge, and beyond. (Though we do take some issue with the claim that you’ll be able to see “even to the Atlantic Ocean and the Eifel [sic] Tower”—these views are good, but not that good.)

Other features of the apartment include a huge, south-facing master suite with a dressing room and two walk-in closets; a central hallway connecting the various rooms that’s “perfectly proportioned for showcasing art”; an eat-in, high-end kitchen; and a laundry room with its own separate service elevator.

When the apartment last sold, it went for $18.5 million; but in the years since, it’s gotten a contemporary upgrade, which at least partly explains the $17 million price jump. (There’s also that whole shift-in-the-luxury-market thing.) The apartment is also on the market as a $75,000/month rental, where it seems to have had better luck in recent years.

One Beacon Court

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