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116-year-old Brooklyn Heights home with modern revamp wants $23K/month

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It’s expensive but we’ve seen worse

Photos courtesy Corcoran.

Brokerbabble is calling this $23,000/month rental property in Brooklyn Heights a “rare opportunity” but let’s face it— it’s an opportunity that most people are willing to miss. However, for those lucky enough to have the means to afford such a pricey rental, we gather that this is about one of the best options out there. Let’s take a closer look.

The pricey rent gets you the full townhouse, complete with six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms spread across 4,833 square feet. After going through a complete renovation designed by Delson or Sherman Architects in 2010, the 116-year-old home boasts a contemporary design filled with modern convenience and a few subtle hints of classic details.

Beamed ceiling soar in the bright and spacious living room, accompanied by a wall of windows. The kitchen is huge and sports an elegant design with a large center island, sleek built-in appliances, and tons of storage space. The bedrooms are scattered throughout the home’s five floors along with everything from a wine room to a laundry room and access to the roof deck.

Surely it’s an expensive rental but hey, we’ve seen worse.