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Which New York City buildings have the most beautiful interiors?

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Tell us what takes your breath away

NYPL Rose Main Reading Room Finished Max Touhey

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The number of beautiful buildings in New York City is far too vast to count—and when it comes to buildings with beautiful interiors, the task of naming a favorite is likely to be similarly overwhelming.

Even though the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission has deemed just 120 building interiors worthy of preservation, there are thousands of superb structures with lovely interior spaces; with any luck, more of those—like the New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room, pictured above—will soon get that same protection.

But if you’re reading Curbed, you probably have a building whose interiors are close to your heart, so tell us: Which buildings do you think have the best interiors? Sound off in the comments below, and feel free to share photos if you have ‘em. We’ll compile the best of the best in a forthcoming article.