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Fort Greene Park revamp postponed following community pushback

The Parks Department was hoping to spruce up the northwestern corner of the Park

Via Francisco Daum/Flickr

Plans to renovate parts of Fort Greene Park are being put on hold after local residents complained that they didn’t have enough input in the makeover, the Brooklyn Paper reports. Early last month residents had complained during a Parks Department meeting that they weren’t given enough time to consider Parks’ proposal.

Regardless, the local community board’s Parks Committee decided to go ahead with a vote on the project earlier this month. They voted 5—0 in favor of the proposal, but again locals complained that they’d been informed of this particular meeting just days before the vote.

Earlier this week local elected officials joined forced with residents to ask the full community board to postpone the vote to allow residents, particularly those from the nearby public housing developments to get a chance to to thoroughly review the proposal. The community board and the Parks Department acquiesced and the vote will now take place in September.

The planned changes concern the northwestern section of the park including a new entrance at Myrtle Avenue and St. Edwards Street with a water feature; more lighting; repaving the basketball court; and sprucing up sidewalks.

The Parks Department was vary of postponing the meeting citing growing costs, but elected officials pushed back saying a few months time would not make a big difference. In the coming months, the Parks Department will continue to do more outreach in the lead up to the vote.