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Steven Holl's quirky Hunter's Point Community library is nearly complete

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See the progress on the $38 million waterfront library

Photos courtesy Jess Dailey.

Long Island City’s idiosyncratic Hunters Point Community library, designed by Steven Holl Architects, is getting closer toward completion. When we last checked in almost a year ago, the $38 million project stood at 81.5 feet tall and still had some ways to go. According to a set of photos captured by tipster and former Curbed editor Jess Dailey, it looks like much of the facade is complete and construction on the interiors are well under way.

Despite Holl’s designs for the library being revealed in 2011, the project didn’t begin to materialize until the summer of 2015, after fears of overspending were pacified. A major boost from local City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s budget helped the project to finally move forward.

As it stands, the cement structure has cutouts that will eventually offer a peek into the adult, teen, and kids sections of the library, is scheduled to open sometime this year. The project is being overseen by the city’s Department of Design and Construction and will eventually offer a a cyber center, outdoor amphitheater, roof terrace, and a cafe.