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NYC's yellow cabs will now offer carpooling options

It’s about time

Flickr/Felix Morgner

Two competing apps have teamed up to bring carpooling to more than 7,000 of New York City’s yellow taxis. Ride-hailing apps Curb and Via will allow users to exercise their option to carpool with other yellow cab riders for a reduced fare on shared rides, reports the New York Post.

The long overdue service for the city’s taxi fleet works like this: app users using either Curb or Via can express an interest in sharing a cab in exchange for $0.95 off the the $1.95 booking fee. From there they will be paired with nearby app users looking to hail a yellow taxi, that have also expressed interest in carpooling. Both passengers then pay just 60 percent of the total amount of the fare. The original customer can still benefit from the reduced fee if a second passenger isn’t picked up.

The new partnership between Curb and Via is an attempt to revitalize the suffering yellow taxi industry as they struggle to compete with popular apps like Uber and Lyft.

“I think New Yorkers may be more willing to share than we give them credit for, especially if the price is right,” Via co-founder and CEO Daniel Ramot told the New York Times.

The service launched on Tuesday on Manhattan routes between 32nd Street and 110th Street and is planning to expand to the rest of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs in the near future.