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Macy’s Midtown flagship could get a public park on its roof

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You can’t get that on Amazon

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It may be troubled times for the retail behemoth, but Macy’s isn’t ready to concede the death of brick-and-mortar just yet. According to the New York Post, the brand is weighing a new in-person-only strategy to attract visitors to its Herald Square flagship store: put a public park on it.

As part of a play to “make its stores more exciting,” Macy’s execs are considering turning the rooftop of the 2.2 million-square-foot 34th Street flagship into an outdoor park, with “restaurants and open green space, including trees and benches.”


The hope is that the sweet rooftop attractions would “encourage people to meander through the store,” since, you know, you have to get to the roof somehow.

“That store is getting more valuable by the day as the center of gravity in Manhattan shifts southwest to Hudson Yards,” Doug Sessler, Macy’s vice president of real estate, told the Post.

Target seems to agree. Earlier this year, the beloved big-box retailer announced plans to open their newest NYC outpost on 34th Street, directly across from Macy’s. So far, though, no plans for a rival rooftop park have been announced.