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Midtown East rezoning proposal gets City Planning approval

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It’s now up to the City Council to seal the fate of this proposal

A proposal to rezone a chunk of Midtown East to spur the creation of modern office space got another shot in the arm on Wednesday, when the City Planning Commission cleared the proposal to move forward, The Real Deal reported.

While local residents, and the community boards covering the proposed rezoning stretch haven’t been too enthusiastic about it, elected officials have been rooting for it for quite some time now. This latest approval follows the Manhattan Borough Board’s approval from March this year.

The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for this application got underway in January this year, and the City Planning Commission is one of the final stages before the proposal is approved or rejected.

The proposal covers a 78-block stretch from East 39th Street to East 57th Street, between Fifth and Second Avenues (roughly). The city is hoping that the rezoning will revamp the aging office stock in the neighborhood and make it a go-to office destination like Hudson Yards and the Financial District.

In all, the city is hoping for the creation of 16 new office buildings, and 600,000 square feet of retail. All but one of the Planning Commission’s commissioners voted in favor of the proposal. As part of the final stage of approvals, the application will next go to the City Council, where it is has the support of the Council member representing the rezoning area, Daniel Garodnick.