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How New Jersey Governor Chris Christie figures into the MTA's failed 7 extension

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Christie along with New York City’s local officials just couldn’t get it right

There was a time when the MTA planned to extend the subway’s 7 line to what was to be a new station at 41st Street and Tenth Avenue but it’s been ten years and alas, there hasn’t been any major movement on the MTA’s part to revisit the abandoned plan.

It’s been said in the past that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is to blame for the 7 train extension plans going flatline, after he axed plans to extend the line to as far as Secaucus, citing concerns that the project would run over its projected $5.3 billion cost. If there was any lingering hope that Governor Christie isn’t to blame, at least in part for this transportation snafu, that was ruined at a recent panel discussion.

According to The Real Deal, Hal Fetner, who owns the 420-apartment rental building 561 Tenth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t shy about pointing the finger at Christie, along with a few other local officials.

“We were going to get the money to build the 41st/42nd street stop and partial portion of the money to go under the river,” Fetner stated. “But to be very candid, [Senator Chuck] Schumer, [former Mayor Michael] Bloomberg and Christie all got in a pissing match over how 9/11 money and Sandy money was being used and this got in the way.”

But perhaps all hope is not lost for the much-needed 7 line extension. In 2016, Port Authority announced that a study would soon be released, that in part, argues for the extension of the 7 train to Secaucus, New Jersey, stating that the costly project could reduce bus terminal congestion in the long run.