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Big reveal: $675,000 for a sunny Astoria penthouse with a lovely terrace

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Did you guess the right price?

Via Keller Williams

Yesterday we asked you to guess the price on this sunny Astoria condo, and this week too, we have a winner. 10012 guessed the right answer: $675,000. Now, having announced the winner let’s get to some of the other comments. Unfortunately, most of our readers weren’t impressed with the apartment this week.

Many rightfully pointed to the paucity of windows—the two that do exist also double up as doors. Readers weren’t happy about the decor either describing it as “dull,” and and “bland.” The lack of storage space was criticized as well—there are only two closets in this entire apartment. And one reader questioned whether a king size bed would actually fit in the bedroom.

There was confusion over the outdoor space as well. What’s with the odd railing, some of our readers asked. The original photo didn’t quite convey what the condo’s balcony looked like. It’s still pretty narrow, but the photo gives a better sense of how it’s separated from the neighbor’s balcony.

For the most, guesses this week ranged from $550,000 to $650,000, but there was only one winner. As for where it’s located, the condo is right in the heart of Astoria on 31st Avenue between 23rd and Crescent Streets. Until next week!