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Plans to fast-track the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway's makeover hit a snag

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Construction on the $1.9 billion project was set to get underway in 2020

A proposal to fast track repairs on the aging Brooklyn-Queens Expressway has taken somewhat of a setback, Crain’s reports. The city’s Department of Transportation was pushing for a design-build strategy to carry out the pricey renovation. The city argues that this method will slice off two years from the seven-year revamp timetable, and will help avoid lawsuits and exceeding costs.

A bill in the state assembly that would have allowed this type of construction to move forward did not pass before lawmakers left for the summer recess, but city officials are still hopeful that it will be picked up again in January, when the new session begins, according to Crain’s.

Currently, the projected costs of the rehab stand at $1.9 billion. The rehabilitation work concerns a 1.5-mile long stretch of the BQE between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street. The repairs will increase access to the waterfront, improve traffic flow, and further stabilize the overall structure.