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Peek inside Park and Shore, Jersey City’s ‘ultra luxury’ condo development

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Woods Bagot, who also worked on NYC’s Baccarat Hotel & Residences, designed the interiors

75 Park Lane will stand 37 stories and include 358 condos.
Woods Bagot

The 429 “ultra luxury” condos of Jersey City’s Park and Shore project are due to hit the market in September, bringing more Manhattan-priced apartments to a place once thought of as a respite from New York’s rising housing prices. But lo, developers like Park and Shore’s Strategic Capital caught on—with twinkling views of lower Manhattan and access to public transportation connecting it to Manhattan, a new place to plant high-end apartments was born.

Park and Shore is comprised of two separate condos, the 358-condo 75 Park Lane and the 71-condo Shore House, spread across two adjacent blocks. New renderings for Park and Shore, including a first look at the condos themselves, appeared on the project’s website today, highlighting what exactly prospective buyers are in for.

As alluded to, condos don’t come cheap. Prices across the two buildings will start at $640,000 for one-bedrooms, $1.095 for two-bedrooms, and $2.2 million for three-bedrooms. The buildings are designed inside and out by Woods Bagot, of New York City’s Baccarat Hotel & Residences, so let that be a vote of confidence in just how “ultra luxury” this New Jersey development will be.

The project’s shared amenities will be in 75 Park Lane and include a 75-foot indoor pool, a fully outfitted game room, and a roof deck with a full outdoor kitchen. Residents of Shore House, the smaller of the two buildings, will also have access to a small gym and roof deck only for residents of that address.

Take a look at the apartments below and mull: Is the PATH worth this?

Shore House

75 Park Lane

Woods Bagot