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East Village’s hidden Cape Cod-style rooftop cottage seeks $3.5M

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When can we move in?

Photos via Compass

If you’ve ever wanted to live in one of those quirky tiny houses perched atop a New York City building, now’s your chance—if you have $3.5 million to spare, anyway. The penthouse at 72 East 1st Street just hit the market, and if the address isn’t familiar to you, then let us jog your memory with the photo above.

This particular East Village building just so happens to have an utterly charming, Cape Cod-style cottage perched on its rooftop—and that adorable little house is part and parcel of this particular apartment. The cottage itself has a bedroom and a bathroom, and opens up onto an expansive terrace; it’s basically the perfect hideaway where you could forget that you live in New York City.

As for the rest of the apartment, it’s a four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom duplex, which also comes with its own artist’s studio. The bottom level of the duplex is home to a sunken living room, one of the bedrooms, a kitchen, and a space that can be used as a studio or a great room. The second level has the rest of the bedrooms, as well as an atrium that opens onto the great room below.

But let’s be real: This is all about that sweet little cottage. The listing notes that “With creative vision, this penthouse can be converted to a single residence or left as individual units.” Fingers crossed that whoever snaps this place up leaves one of the East Village’s quirkiest apartments intact.