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Embattled Bedford-Union Armory project is endorsed by Mayor de Blasio

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He is championing the community facility aspects of the project

Ariel view of Bedford-Union Armory in Crown Heights BFC Partners

Despite protestors shutting down a meeting to discuss the Bedford-Union Armory redevelopment earlier this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio has come out in support of the Crown Heights project, Crain’s reports.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the mayor intimated that he would try to intervene as the project goes through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). He did not specify how he would do so, but he said he is in communication with the borough president and the local city council member, and is hopeful that will be able to convince the residents of Crown Heights to get behind this project.

In May, the BFC Partners-led redevelopment project lost the backing of City Council member Laurie Cumbo, who had previously supported it. The Council generally tends to side woth the Council member representing the neighborhood, so in its current state, the project will likely not pass muster in the City Council.

Last month, the project was unanimously rejected by the local community board. Borough President Eric Adams was due to give his feedback on the project this week, but that never came to the fore after the meeting was shutdown on Tuesday.

De Blasio is particularly hoping to convince the Crown Heights community over the merits of the redevelopment’s community facilities like the swimming pool, basketball courts, and the indoor soccer field. But opponents to the project say most low-income tenants will be driven out of Crown Heights by the time this facility is built, and so it is imperative that the development is entirely affordable. Despite the strong opposition, the project does have some backers, including some local nonprofit groups.

Bedford-Union Armory

1579 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1225