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Another NYC subway meltdown as track fire, 'unruly customer' cause delays

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A, B, C, D trains all stopped running beyond 125th Street for a while this morning

The overcrowded platform at the 1 train stop at 145th Street.
Via John Webley

Another Monday morning, another subway meltdown. Once again Upper Manhattan residents were stranded when A, B, C, D trains stopped running beyond 125th Street this morning due to a track fire at 145th Street.

An FDNY spokesperson informed Gothamist that they received a call at 7:24 a.m. about a track fire at the 145th Street station on the A, B, C, D lines. The fire was contained by 9:30 a.m., but as a result of the incident there were no trains running on the alphabet line beyond 125th Street for a while.

A spokesperson for the Fire Department issued a separate statement to DNAinfo informing them that nine people had been injured due to the track fire, and were being treated for “non-critical injuries” in nearby hospitals.

Meanwhile as the MTA urged customers on those routes to take the 1 train, that too was experiencing major delays. An unruly customer at the 72nd Street stop delayed the 1 line, but the MTA hasn’t yet elaborated on what exactly happened there.

But it didn’t end there either. Another unruly customer on the L train stop at Bedford Avenue caused delays on that line. Signal problems at the Forest Hills-71 Avenue stop in Queens also delayed the E and F trains.

This is what the MTA is saying about it all on Twitter:

For now, service has resumed on all lines but with extensive delays. Continue to expect packed platforms and long waits as the subway works to resolve its morning troubles.

This morning’s nightmare is the latest addition to the epic meltdown the subway has experienced this year. The delays and problems became ever more alarming when an A train derailed on the 125th Street station last month. Amid mounting criticism, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a “state of emergency,” for the city’s subway system, and committed an additional $1 billion towards fixing it, but those changes will inevitably be slow, as can be witnessed from the massive delays this morning.