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Old West Village gas station could sprout this Morris Adjmi-designed building

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The design for 540 Hudson Street will need to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission

Morris Adjmi

A long underused corner of the West Village will sprout a building designed by Morris Adjmi with the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s approval. A proposal for a seven-story building by the vaunted architectural firm will come in front of the commission on July 25, and presentation materials now available on the LPC’s website allow curious onlookers a chance to scope out the design before it’s either roasted or passed by the commission (h/t YIMBY.)

The design is for 540-544 Hudson Street at the corner of Hudson and Charles streets in the Greenwich Village Historic District. The site at no. 540 is home to a 1927-built gas station and has been owned since 1981 by William Gottlieb Real Estate. In the early 1990s, the firm applied to convert the gas station into a restaurant, Real Estate Weekly reported, but that never came to pass and the property has sat largely unused since. Despite earlier reports that William Gottlieb Real Estate had sold the property to an LLC, the firm is still in ownership of the site.

The company filed plans for the Morris Adjmi-designed building back in March. The building is expected to bring 26 apartments—likely condos, but there’s no word on that just yet—as well as 5,600 square feet of retail space and 552 square feet of community facility space to the site. In order for the building to move forward, Landmarks needs to approve both the demolition of the old gas station at no. 540 and the garage at no. 544 as well as the design for the new apartment building.

Speaking of that design, Adjmi leans heavily on the area’s existing look with the building’s red brick facade. It’s undulating shape and red brick cornice are a contemporary take on the West Village’s architecture. The building will be topped by a painted gray metal penthouse surrounded by a terrace.

We’ll have to wait another week to find out if the design will get the classic LPC roast or if it will sail through without a problem. In the meantime, leave your opinions on the design in the comments.

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