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5 NYC studios that prove small spaces can be stylish, too

These tiny apartments don’t compromise when it comes to style

There’s no shortage of itty-bitty studio apartments for sale in New York City, and in many cases, those spaces sacrifice style in favor of efficiency and practicality. But that doesn’t always have to be the case—plenty of New Yorkers have gotten creative, finding clever ways to integrate storage and things like, y’know, a bed, without having their spaces be bland and boring.

Below, check out five studio apartments—all of which are currently for sale—that are both practical (so many Murphy beds!) while also being totally livable and cute.

↑ Prepare to notice a theme for many of these apartments: minimalism. (How else do you make a tiny space work?) This studio on Bleecker Street in the West Village embraces the less-is-more aesthetic, with a Murphy bed and hidden storage (such as built-ins on the bed frame) that help keep clutter at bay. Hanging storage also helps in a small kitchen, while the bathroom is sleek (no tub, though). The asking price is $669,999. [Floorplan]

↑ Though this Hell’s Kitchen studio isn’t minimalist in style—the wood accents and bits of exposed brick give it more of a rustic, shabby-chic feel—it has plenty of space-saving details, including a built-in Murphy bed and a Pullman kitchen that creates enough room for a breakfast bar. The 410-square-foot space is asking $425,000. [Floorplan]

↑ In Noho, a small studio on Mercer Street bucks the minimalist trend, to the tune of $795,000. The apartment’s muted color palette is complemented by pops of color and luxurious-looking furniture, creating a space that’s big on style (even if it’s small on space). An oddly placed column near the kitchen is a turn-off, though the current owner made the best of a weird situation and used it for seating—always a necessity in a small space.

Via Corcoran

↑ Speaking of bucking the minimalist trend: this Brooklyn Heights studio basically throws the whole idea out the window, with a retro-inspired design that somehow doesn’t make the space feel claustrophobic. It benefits from being on the larger side—nearly 600 square feet—but the bed situation is admittedly a little odd. It also comes with (gasp!) a beautiful little patio. It’s asking $810,000.

↑ A simple studio in the East Village provides more than meets the eye: High- and low-tech upgrades hide throughout this apartment. A custom pull-out bed and innovative built in storage amplify space while a projector and screen are smartly concealed when not in use. The kitchen comes with all mint appliances, including a stainless steel LG refrigerator and a Smeg microwave. The studio comes with access to a shared backyard and laundry, and is on the market for $399,000.