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This colorful East Village townhouse got a dreamy starchitect redesign

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It’s colorful and quirky

Photos via Compass

We tend to think of lovely, starchitect-renovated townhouses as more of a West Village thing, but that’s not the case for this lovely single-family home, situated on East 5th Street smack in the middle of Alphabet City.

The century-old home has benefited from an Annabelle Selldorf-led revamp, and though the circa-1900 bones are still there, the place has been transformed into a comfortable, modern dream home. The asking price is $7.5 million—high for the neighborhood, but not totally surprising when you consider how much work has been done to the place.

Though it’s not quite a megamansion, the home is plenty big: thanks to a 35-foot extension, it now measures more than 5,000 square feet, with a whopping seven bedrooms and six bedrooms over its four floors. The garden-level space could be converted to an apartment, but it’s currently in use as a workspace.

The same LLC that purchased this particular home was also behind this eclectic townhouse, and the decor is similarly colorful and eclectic—the bathroom is covered in pink scalloped tile, the ground floor is also painted a shade of millennial pink, and so on. Other amenities include a roof deck, a small back garden, and a chef’s kitchen.

So basically, it has everything going for it: location, size, architectural pedigree, and the fact that it’s just really darn charming. Now all it needs is a buyer.