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How to access massive amounts of NYC neighborhood data

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NYU’s Furman Center created a tool that gives a glimpse into each of the city’s 59 community districts

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There’s no shortage of information about New York City for data nerds (or, you know, your average curious person) to analyze, thanks to the myriad tools—like the city’s own NYCityMap—available.

But a new platform from the Furman Center at NYU makes the process of digging into the city’s 59 community districts a bit simpler. The online database, named New York City Neighborhood Data Profiles, offers a deep dive into the housing market, land use neighborhood services, and demographic data for communities throughout the five boroughs. Each profile of the city’s various neighborhoods includes such nitty-gritty information as the change in median rental prices over time, the percentage of residents who commute using public transit, the poverty rate, and more.

Core Data.

By providing both historical and recent data, the Data Profiles make it easy to compare how neighborhoods have transformed over time. The website is a great supplement to the State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods report as well as the Core Data website.

To get an understanding of how the database works, let’s take a look at the Upper East Side, one of the ten richest neighborhoods in New York City:

Unemployment and poverty rates have remained steadily low within the neighborhood over the years. Home sales prices have slightly decreased from 2015 to 2016 whereas prices in Manhattan have increased 2.8 percent on average. The data can also tell you how car-free the area is, how schools are performing, and much more.

To get a glimpse at more detailed information for your neighborhood, click here.