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NYC's largest rental building touts $105K chauffeured car as latest over-the-top perk

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The Volvo XC90 Excellence comes equipped with massage chairs and beverages coolers and warmers

Courtesy Sky.

If you thought our list our the most outrageous amenities offered by New York City apartments had some outrageous options last year, wait until you hear this one. The Moinian Group has decided to offer penthouse residents of their 71-story development, Sky, at 605 West 42nd Street, access to a $105,000 chauffeured Volvo XC90 Excellence.

This isn’t your average fancy car ride. This set of wheels, dubbed Sky Volvo, has been befitted with massage chairs with heating and cooling capabilities, crystal champagne flutes, beverage warmers/coolers, and plenty of legroom, reports DNAinfo.

The residents who are lucky enough to have access to the service can book the chauffeured service to attend a show on Broadway or any other event they like, so long as it’s within boundaries since the car only travels between West 14th and 72nd streets between Sixth and 12th avenues. Another caveat: the car service is only available between 4 and 9 p.m.

The service joins Sky’s other over-the-top amenities that include both indoor and outdoor lap pools, a Carmelo Anthony and David Rockwell-designed basketball court, and a full restaurant with an outdoor dining area.