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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 construction moves forward, for now

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Plans to bring nearly 300 apartments to the site have been mired in legal back and forth

Plans to build two residential towers at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 are moving forward, for now, the Brooklyn Paper reports. A judge denied an emergency request to halt construction on the property, which got underway earlier in the week.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and the Brooklyn Heights Association have been battling over the future of development at Pier 6 for quite some time now. The neighborhood group alleges that the BBPC can only build as much housing as is necessary to fund Brooklyn Bridge Park’s financial needs, and that the housing at Pier 6 is excessive.

As it stands right now, the BBPC has contracted RAL Companies and Oliver’s Realty Group to build a 15-story tower with 140 apartments (100 affordable units), and a 28-story tower with 126 apartments (all market-rate).

The BHA wanted the judge to issue a temporary restraining order, and the lawyer for the organization argued that the construction work would be a disturbance to the neighborhood, especially to kids in the playground close to the construction site.

Despite the judge agreeing that that might be the case, she argued that the developers weren’t doing anything illegal or violating any noise codes. Both sides will appear in court again next month for a final time before this judge.

"We are gratified that the judge agreed with us and decided not to grant the temporary restraining order,” David Lowin, the vice president for real estate at Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, said in a statement.